Where Is Heaven?

At some point during my younger years, I made the decision that Heaven was “Out There”, “Far Away”,…..and getting there would involve a trip. Through the years, anytime Heaven was the topic of discussion my mind would look UP, OUT, and BEYOND.

But lately I have also become acquainted with the belief of some, that Heaven may indeed end up being here on earth. When I consider that, somewhere deep inside there is a twinge of disappointment. I was looking forward to that trip!!

Heaven on earth feels….binding or limited. Will we still need the oxygen, or food, or all the things that earth provides? Will the earth still be spinning so that we remain stuck to the surface. Will Heaven on earth be crowded? Many will not enter into Heaven but still, a lot of folks have been born since Adam and the earth ball is only so big. Or do we put more weight in the scripture “few there be”!

If we are “Bound to earth in Heaven” (I consider that an oxymoron), then even though they are new, will we still have these heavy solid bodies that are slaves to gravity? I was hoping for something a bit opaque and light. Something that doesn’t wear out. If we are bound to earth in the new Heaven, will we ever get to see and touch the Universe up close. Dip our finger in a black hole, or float through a Nebulas amidst all the sparkles and colors. Or will we still have to use a telescope to see how absolutely incredible God’s creation is!

Perhaps if Heaven is on earth, we will have come full circle. Back to the Garden….except the Garden might cover the entire surface of planet earth. So…we’re back to a garden which means food which means we are again Adam and Eve who had to eat, a that’s what started it all to begin with. If Heaven is on earth, that’s the biggest “Been There Done That” in history!

If there is a New Heaven and New Earth does that mean this earth will be refurbished, or, will we be moving to an new planet? If there is a new Heaven, God will be going there as well, and who will help move all His stuff? God has a lot of stuff! You think helping a friend move kills your Saturday, what about moving all of God’s stuff!!
I’m pretty excited just making the trip to where HE is now.

I like the thought of satan imprisoned in the bowels of earth, and as I make my trip to Heaven “Out There and Far Away”, earth and satan fade away forever!

I can only apply limited human imagination to that HEAVENLY existence which in fact will be unimaginable. If that existence is unimaginable, then the Freedom within that existence is unimaginable as well.

The complete absence of satan and the full presence of GOD. Now that’s freedom!!………. “WHEREVER” that might be.

You may be saying “Dan, you ask a lot of questions but offer no answers!” You are absolutely right, I have offered nothing.

But!……….MADE YOU LOOK!!!!

By Dan Green

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