The Case of the Pillow

If you have been around BHC even for a short time, you will already know Marvin and Dorothy.  They grandparent our kids, work tirelessly in our benevolence ministry, and invest a great deal of their time in our ministry at the Black Hills Children’s home.  Dorothy recently came up with the idea of making pillow cases for the kids at the home.  I know, what’s the big deal about a pillow case?  Well as it turns out, Dorothy was on to something.  You and I may take a pillow case for granted, but not so with these kids.  As we concluded our time with them on March 18, the youngsters loved walking around the cafeteria and picking out their own unique, handmade, pillow case.  What a great idea!  Some of the many pillow cases are pictured here.  Thanks Dorothy for the great idea and the hard work to produce all the cases.

Thanks to all who came out to assist in our March 18 ministry time at the home.  I don’t remember many Saturdays when we had more BHC folks out there working!  It was an awesome day.  As always, thanks to Tim who organizes and cooks for the Saturday projects, and who has worked hard to help in the expansion of this ministry.  It was so good to have Carter back for a visit.  Thanks Caleb for your continued leadership!  Thanks Rachel for organizing the committee.

God gets the glory.


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