Well we have spent some site space saying that it’s all about Jesus.  So, truthfully, we have some reservations about a “testimonials” page.  However, we know there are a lot of options out there for folks who are looking for a church home.  We appreciate your consideration of our group, and with that in mind, we present the following.

We are a small church on the outskirts of Rapid City, South Dakota.  That being said, our extended family reaches all over the world.  Our goal is simply to assist in helping all with whom we come in contact draw closer to Jesus.  On occasion, we get a letter or an email from current members or folks who have moved on to different locations that gives us some insight into how this little congregation has been used by God to positively impact lives.  Below, you will find a few of those testimonials.  It is important to state that whatever real benefit has been derived from this congregation, Jesus gets the credit for.

From Erin:

One of the hardest things about being a military family and moving all the time, is having to find a new church family each and every time we relocate. Sometimes we visit several church bodies and never find one at all… From the moment we set foot in the Black Hills church, we knew we were home. It was so refreshing to walk into a place where we truly felt that people cared about us being there – sincerely welcomed us. The true “test” however, is when you go back for a second visit and people recognize you and call you by name. We felt this and more upon our initial visits to the BHCofC – and felt such an instant connection with this church family that we didn’t even bother visiting another church the whole time we were stationed at Ellsworth.  Beyond the warmness of these brothers and sisters, we found ourselves drawn to a group who were hungry for the Truth; a group that lived for fellowship and kinship with other brothers and sisters in Christ; a group that was humble and God-fearing; a church who’s faith was a REAL faith. For us, we found it at the Black Hills Church of Christ and we hope you do too. Good Luck and God bless you in your journey.

From Holly:

Dear Brothers and Sister at the Black Hills Church of Christ,
We often tell ourselves and each other to be content with the knowledge that we have planted seeds, and perhaps somewhere, something has taken root in soil we cannot see. It is difficult, however, to truly be content at this; especially when times are hard, we question whether or not our efforts are worthwhile. I know that your congregation has struggled financially to support John Dennis and his family, and I’m certain that at times, you wonder if that struggle has been a fruitful one. For me and my household, the answer is yes. My husband, Brian, and I have never subscribed to the idea that marriage would be easy, but over the past few years – and more specifically, the last few months – we found ourselves at an impasse. A marriage that had, at one time, humbly attempted to pursue God’s will had disintegrated into a heap of pain and anger. Looking at the rubble before us, we felt helpless. To me, there was little other choice but to abandon the mess before we were all lost inside it. Just as we turned to walk away, John appeared and offered his assistance. He told us that we could rebuild, and offered to help us draw the blueprints for a stronger foundation. Brian and I both have spent countless time on the phone with John; I have heard John cooking dinner in the background, disregarding other lines ringing, etc. We have called during hours of our lives that certainly have inconvenienced hours of his. At no time did he ever ask us to call back when it would be better for him or ever cut our conversations short. Always, John made me feel as though he had planned only for my call all day; and always, I felt there was very little distance between Pierre and Rapid City as his love and encouragement flowed freely through the line.

Brian and I recently traveled to Rapid City when John opened his home and offered his weekend to us. After cooking us breakfast, he rolled up his sleeves and not only showed us how, but helped us begin to dig through the rubble. Work like he did with us is emotionally taxing on all involved, and through his own tears, he assured us time and again that he was happy to be doing it.

Just as John told us would be the case, Brian and I are not out of the mess just yet. But where lay ruins just a week ago, there is now the rough outline of a foundation. There is now hope; hope that we would not have had John not personally handed it to us. Brian and I had not agreed on much in a very long time, but we unanimously decided that never before had we so clearly seen God at work through someone as we do in John. I am proud to know him, and my family is grateful for his service. More than just grateful, I believe that my family as I know it on this day can be credited to his service – or rather God’s service, rendered by John Dennis.

Brian and I live over a hundred miles away from the place that John lives, serves, and witnesses every day. I cannot imagine the impact he must have where he is; where you all are. I just wanted to make sure that you knew how great an impact your efforts in supporting him are having, and how thankful I am for all of you for that very reason. We ask that you all pray for Brian and I, and for John as he continues his work with us, that we may have a marriage that glorifies God and is a testament to the power of His love. You will be in our prayers as well – God be with you until we meet again, Holly

From Courtney

My husband and I both grew up in the Church of Christ and we met at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. Our family was stationed at Ellsworth AFB in June 2009. Upon our arrival we began searching for a new church home. We visited the Churches of Christ in town and several other churches in Rapid City. It wasn’t until we visited the Black Hills Church of Christ that we found a place to call home. We were warmly welcomed by the caring members and our daughters developed fast friendships with the other children in the youth group. Although the Black Hills Church of Christ is not a large body, the spirit and love of the members is amazing! I am always uplifted by the singing (truly wonderful for such a small group) and by the lessons of love that come from the pulpit. We were somewhat nervous when we first arrived at Ellsworth because we came from such a large church in the South and we were unsure if we would find a new church that could measure up to the last. We have been very blessed to have found the Black Hills Church of Christ and pray that we will find a new loving church home when the Air Force moves us next summer.

From Kenny:

I want to convey my appreciation (can’t even begin to find the words appropriate) for the website of the Black Hills church of Christ in Rapid City, South Dakota. I search the internet almost without exception weekly for the lessons and the ministry that speaks the thoughts and words of God. The website of Black Hills church of Christ is one of those resources. I attempt to send others that I am blessed enough to speak the gospel to and those that are not quite sure to the website I have come to for fellowship and assurance of a truthful teaching and perspective.

Black Hills church of Christ is a very large part of my family partly because of my earlier relationship with it but even more so because of the continued relationship through the website. I am prayerful that more and more people will come to know and love the church family I know and love through the website. I continue to ask for prayers for myself, my personal family, and my church family as I too am mindful of you and pray for you.

If there is a need or concern which I am able to fulfill please allow me the opportunity to be a part (even +/- 900 miles away). I carry you with me always.

In the Love of Christ,


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