Movie Review

In 1953 “War of the Worlds” hit the movie theaters.

It continued to cycle around until finally, I was able to see it.  I was still a kid and it scared the bajeebers out of me.  We sat there in the theater and launched everything we had at those long legged beetle headed monsters from outer space, and didn’t even scratch them.  All they did was fire back with their sparkly lasers, vaporizing everything in their path in a reddish glow.  I thought about running home and hiding in the storm cellar, …..but there were scorpions and spiders in the cellar.

Those long legged beetle headed things from outer space made a noise that stayed with me for years, and then there was that big eyeball on a cable that poked around and could see anywhere.  How do you hide from that!!  We were defenseless and facing annihilation.

Alas, they were defeated by consuming a tiny little microscopic army of human cudies that once inside, brought the huge monsters down.

In my lifetime, mankind has been invaded and attacked by everything you can imagine from overgrown nuclear maladies, to monstrosities from deep space that you can’t even describe.  Everything thrown at us has been motivated by, and draws from the ultimate “Power of Powers”, (Usually contained in a box that looks like a milk crate, or a glowing rock!) and when we beat it down, along comes something else that is even stronger than the ultimate “Power of Powers”!!  Then, here comes something else that has power over the power of powers, and is stronger than all powers!


There is something else coming at us and with it, a very real fear.  It’s not the strongest of powers.  It’s not a huge monstrosity.  Yet our scientific genius, advanced weaponry, and centuries of experience with war seem to have little to no effect on it.

It’s an all out assault waged by a single fallen angel, and the casualties are enormous.

We are being defeated slowly and steadily by the same process that destroyed the long legged beetle headed monsters from outer space.  This fallen angel is using a tiny little microscopic army of “thoughts”.  Thoughts we consume, that are engineered to turn us from God, and bring us down.  He follows no rules, and there are no limits to which he will not go.  He is not driven by a lust for power.  That proved futile.  But rather by bitter hate.

Simply by scanning the landscape, I’d have to say he’s winning and mankind is steadily losing.

However, we have a Champion.  A Champion with all the power, all the ability, and all the willingness necessary to inoculate us against this fallen angel and his microscopic army of cancerous thoughts.

Nonetheless, the Champion need not interfere.  “WE” can do this.  “WE” have the intelligence, the capabilities, the power, and the right, to once again emerge victorious, and rein on our own as superior beings without help from the Champion!  At least,…. that seems to be the thought!


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