We aren’t big, but we have heart. We love people, all people, even folks who think differently than we. So, watch the 2 minute and 44 second clip. You might just like what you see.

Introduction to the BHCoC

We strive to be a nondenominational group of Christians, seeking to be Christians only.  We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired and flawless word, and that Jesus is the Christ and the only way to God.  We are grace oriented and focused on ministry to our fellow man.

What to Expect

On occasion, we have been accused of being one of the friendliest groups in the area. However, when you visit, we won’t put you on the spot, or ask you to sign,sing, say anything, and (as it is in our own homes) — we would never ask a guest to contribute financially. From the moment you arrive in our assembly, we want you to know you are our honored guest.

You can expect our Sunday morning assemblies to be a time focused on encountering the presence of God. We endeavor to create an atmosphere where very diverse people,struggling on the same journey, can come together in praise and worship and find help and hope to carry on.

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