After recognizing certain needs in the Rapid City area, a small group of Christians came together to form the Black Hills Church of Christ. On Sunday July 15, 1995 the Black Hills Church had it’s first formal worship service as a congregation in the home of Ted and Sandy Massey. Among those present were Brent and Twila Morris, Gloria Kirsner and family, Mitch and Holly King and family, Rachel Wortham, Byron Paul, and Ted Massey and family. The following Sunday, John and Sabrina Dennis and family became part of the Black Hills Church family after having moved back into the Hills area from Texas. John has preached for us since that time and is continuing to do so as this history is being written. On Sunday July 22, 1995, we began meeting at the Black Hills Power and Light hospitality room in Rapid City. On August 15, 1995, the Articles of Incorporation were signed by three of our members. To accommodate our growing numbers, we made the decision to move our meeting place. In the summer of 1996 we began meeting at the AFL-CIO Labor Building at 922 East St. Patrick St. in Rapid City.

In 2000 we moved to a leased building on West Chicago. This location suited our needs until the summer of 2002 when we purchased our current building at 13654 S Hwy 16. Our building is located on the main route to Mount Rushmore, so we sometimes have more visitors than members during the summer months. The Black Hills Church has experienced many emotions in our time as a baby church. The support that we have had from each other and most of the area churches has been overwhelming.  But most of all, God has blessed us continuously, and it is by His grace that we exist. It has been so touching to watch the spiritual growth of so many.  We have not been without our trials, but we continue to grow numerically and most importantly, spiritually.  We would ask that you continually keep us in your prayers as we search to “find out what pleases the Lord” (Eph 5:10), to reach out to serve others (Matt 25:34), and to become the light that God intended for us to be in this community.

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