Between Me and Him!

Were a non-believer to approach me and say “Show me proof that God exists and I will believe it!” I might say “Can’t prove it, won’t try to prove it, have a nice day!”
I would however, to the best of my ability, spend time explaining how rich it is to believe. How complete it is to know!

Proving that “Me” exists, is really not difficult at all. Every physical sense I have provides ongoing proof that “Me” exists. My entire life on this earth is ……”Me”.
But what about “Him”? I never see, touch, smell, or hear “Him”. “Him”, has never given me a hug when needed, never given me verbal feedback or support when we have a heart to heart talk. As hard as I look, as hard as I listen, I never see “Him” with my eyes, or hear “Him” with my ears, or touch “Him” with my hands. My life here on earth is validated by my surroundings, not so much by “Him”.
Ever since we crawled out of that creek a zillion years ago, we have been evolving. Accumulating and developing knowledge and intelligence. We have come from floating in liquid, to walking upright, to creating the single cup coffee maker. The progress we have made and the extent to which we have developed, is incredible. We can comprehend and explain almost all workings of planet earth, the human body, and an amazing amount of the universe beyond. We are closer than ever to knowing it “ALL”, and our status is accelerating.
As we continue to expand our knowledge and intelligence at an unbelievable rate, we are elevated higher and higher in our existence, and the sheer “Power” and “Awe” of an Almighty God……fades! We can now offer the patterns and evidences of how almost everything in our life works. The belief in a “Him”, becomes……a crutch.
I cannot possibly communicate or express how dangerous that perception is!!!!

Deep in the spirit of every human is a seed of knowing. An unshakable “WHISPER” in our spirit that says we are not ordinary animals. Mankind has a built in desire, a need, to be “extraordinary”. To the non-believer “extraordinary” can never be anything more than physical achievment. It’s all there is to work with, and that always, always, ends!
But to the believer, “extraordinary” is a gift given without limit, from a power not physical. A gift given with a breath.

Between “Me” and “Him” is one step. A step from physical to spiritual. A step that stretches every fiber of the creation we are, and yet it’s so natural. It’s a step away from believing that we crawled out of some creek, to the acceptance of the true SOURCE of life.

We actually believe that one day we will “discover and reveal” how life began! We’re so silly!! Life never BEGAN!! Not in a creek, not in an ocean, not in a particle of space dust. God is life, and you know how far back HE goes! I will show you proof that God exist, when you show me proof that life “began”.

God gave each one of us a molecule of life from HIS” being. “Here’s your molecule, and your molecule, and one for you and one for you!”
“Now, you each have MY life in you!”
I’m thinking that’s where the “WHISPER” comes from. If you do not believe that “GOD” exists, that’s ok. Challenge it, question it, reason it out, weigh it, and most importantly research it thoroughly. I would suggest you are embracing an empty belief.

Between “Me” and “Him”, is that baby step into full awareness! I can’t prove to you that God exists, but one day, HE will.


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