Religion is broken. We all know it but few will admit it out loud. Religion is often about control of wealth, real-estate, and people. Religious folks are often petty, judgmental, arrogant, us-against-them, divisive, and self-serving, while the hurting just keep on hurting. People have been telling us how dangerous immorality is almost since the beginning time. It took the Carpenter to tell has how dangerous religion is.

Broken from John Dennis on Vimeo.

The Passion

So often, believers in the Christ feel that our mission is to win arguments. As it turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our task is to hold up Jesus, to glorify Him. I wanted to do something with this project that simply held people’s attention long enough to deliver the simple gospel (good news). By the way, regardless of what you may have heard, God isn’t bad news. He loves you not because of your race, intellect, creed, morality, performance, politics, or Bible knowledge. He loves you because of who He is. It starts with Him. He invented love and all love that exists issues from that source. He wrapped Himself in human skin and stepped into our three-dimensional little world to live the life you know you should be living and to die the death you know you deserve. And he is offering you credit for both right now. Do something with that if you haven’t. Pass it on if you have! Blessings.

QWERTY Religion

Although the majority of you will not recognize the name Christopher Sholes, he has likely had a whopping impact on your life.  Who was Christopher Sholes?  I am glad you asked.  He is the guy who invented carpal tunnel syndrome.  Only slightly less well known is another of his inventions. …

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