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If you know anything at all about Black Hills Church, you know that our youth have ministered to, cheered, fed, blessed, befriended, and puppet showed the youngsters at Black Hills Children’s home as far back as most of us can remember.  However, even in the company of greats like the Hackett clan, “C-Cubed” stands tall.  Carter, Caleb, and Chase have been the face and formula of the Children’s Home Ministry for several years.  As Carter and Chase prepare to exit stage right after graduation, their departure will make quite a dent in a longstanding tradition for our little fellowship.  We probably don’t say enough how proud we are of these three.  They are cool under pressure, fun, entertaining, and the kind of “big brothers” that model discipleship and faith to these great kids at the Children’s home.  “C-Cubed,” you three are the “bomb-digidy” (Caleb, did I do that right?).

Yesterday during our time at the Children’s home, I caught this moment of the terrific threesome as awaited the arrival of the youngsters.

Editor’s Note: To the older readers, I have no clue what “bomb-digidy” means.  I just heard it once!

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